Spring 2023 Mini-Conference

Our five spring researchers presented their semester explorations on May 1, 2023. It was standing room only as faculty, staff, and students listened to what answers the crew found to their research questions.

What questions did the researchers ask?

Raquel Dominguez (freshman) wanted to know about the supply and demand of meat substitutes and their impact on the soybean market.

Ethan Stevenson (junior) continued his study of Catan, this time measuring the role of luck in winning.

Nick Young (sophomore) tested his wrestling coaches’ strategy of getting the first takedown.

Lilly Blair (senior) explored the impact of women’s lacrosse moving to four quarters (from two halves) on the speed of play and points scored.

Peter Simani (sophomore) shared his literature review of student perceptions of group work.

Want to see their findings? Check out our slide deck. Pictures of the day are coming soon.

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