Researcher: Kristal Mainsah

Research topic: Transportation Industry Covid-19 is reshaping the transportation industry as we know it. The airline industry took a major hit during the pandemic leaving regional airports on the brink of extinction. Covid-19 has brought about recession-based cutbacks on transportation, which has people wondering what the future of regional airline transportation is. Will it beContinue reading “Researcher: Kristal Mainsah”

Researcher: Naomi Painter

Research topic: Food Security Food aid programs and organizations at the state and federal level have initiated or are considering significant alterations to eligibility requirements and benefits since the start of the pandemic and resulting economic recession. Such policy changes present the question as to how COVID-19 has impacted the effectiveness of food aid programsContinue reading “Researcher: Naomi Painter”

Welcome to The ECON LAB @ RC

The Center for Economic Freedom at Roanoke College received external funding to begin a student-centered research group beginning in the fall semester of 2020. The experience is student-centric and employs a hybrid educational pedagogy that prepares students for a remote workplace. WHY? COVID-19 changed the way our economy functions, how we teach, and challenged theContinue reading “Welcome to The ECON LAB @ RC”